Workshop for students accepted to Grace Hopper Celebration 2016

Last year I had the amazing opportunity to attend Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC) 2015 in Houston, Texas. I attended as a GHC Scholar and I found the conference to be an incredibly supportive community of talented, successful women with great advice and resources to offer.

This year I am thrilled to be an accepted presenter at GHC 2016 (again in Houston), where my original workshop “Talking About Your Best Self: Speaking Highly of Your Own Work and Accomplishments” will be featured as a Student Opportunity Lab (SOL). SOLs are geared towards equipping students with “practical techniques and tools that can help them achieve their career goals.” I know that presenting and owning my very real achievements in a compelling way is something I still tackle on a daily basis, and I’m excited to help other women grow more comfortable with this essential skill. Many thanks to my co-speaker, Harini Gunabalan, who worked with me to put the proposal together and will be leading the workshop with me at GHC 2016.


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